Mandisa & Yash’s Fairytale Wedding 28/06/2014


How you met & how he proposed Yash and i met while i was doing undergraduate studies at the University of Zimbabwe. He was a maths tutor and i was taking a course he tutored. We had always wanted to … Continue reading

Kumbi & Olga’s Fairytale Wedding 01/02/2014

Picture Perfect

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How you met & how he proposed: Our wedding website says it best: Our Wedding Ceremony: Our ceremony  was initially meant to be an open garden wedding at the Palm Estate, but the heavens opened and the venue owner … Continue reading

Kuda & Anesu Fairytale Wedding 19/01/2013

Picture Perfect

How we met & how he proposed: We met at a church conference and instantly got along. We lost touch for a couple of years but when we met again two years later, it was like we had never stopped … Continue reading

Kuda and Shami Vow Renewal Ceremony – 24/01/2014

We Do Again!

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How you met & how he proposed Our love story is a dream come true for both of us. We grew up together, and our parents were close friends. The more we spend time with our parents, the more we … Continue reading

Our favourite Wedding proposal

Brad and Emily Engagement

Proposals are one of the most important events in our lives. Believe it or not it takes a lot of time and planning to pull off the best proposal.  We came across this proposal on Facebook and we couldn’t help … Continue reading

10 of Our Favourite Colour Bridal Shoes


  So I have been thinking about how time flies, and seasons change. I remember when I got married in 2009 you still had to wear white shoes for your wedding. It was really unheard of to wear shoes that … Continue reading

Evans & Tate’s Fairytale Wedding – 09/07/2013

Perfect Couple

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How we met, and how he proposed: Well we first met in university randomly by a pay phone. In that chance encounter we somehow got to talking and I told him my whole life story lol. I guess that was the Holy … Continue reading

4 Body Types – Which one are you?

4 Body Types – Which one are you?

The best place to begin is by choosing what your style and this will vary on your body shape. Here are 4 different body types that we commonly come across in our stores. The biggest mistake when choosing your dress … Continue reading